All The Colours Of The Matrix
May 31st, 2003

All The Colours Of The Matrix

Comics for May 31, 2003 - All The Colours Of The Matrix

here’s the latest comic,

All the colours of the Matrix

which also brings me to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!
hope your not taking any pills tonight ;-)

While on the subject of the Matrix just thought I’d say I thought the film was good.
Not as good as the first, but still entertaining..

Anyway, a few things to catch up on here, the last few days have been very hard for me.
I don’t feel I will go into specifics here, but of course it has affected everything I do.

Well anyway, the situation has improved and life if half back to normal, almost.

So good news, but the war is not over.

If you have the faintest idea what I’m talking about please keep me and my family in your prayers

thank you all

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