A Ton Of Emails
June 7th, 2003

A Ton Of Emails

Comics for June 7, 2003 - A Ton Of Emails

Another Saturday, another comic, another birthday

A ton of emails

Happy Birthday Jen!

As you may have guessed this comic is for Jen, a friend of Mee’s, so not sure if everyone will find it funny..
But I’m assured they will..

Just so you have some idea, Brandon, Jen’s son is officially the cutest kid in the world!
judge for yourself

Well anyway, hope you all enjoy.

As this is a month into this glorious site I thought I would do a few things, but I’ll come back to that
so expect more updates soon!
Vote for your favorite Infinite monkeyz comic here
you will need to register on the forum, but hey no harm in doing that
I hope to hear your comments soon!

oh btw total hits for May = 10078

thank you everyone! :-)

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