Simply Addictive
June 28th, 2003

Simply Addictive

Comics for June 28, 2003 - Simply Addictive

Hey ho how does it go?!
well I’m pretty tired I can tell you, but not tooo bad..

I’ve got 2 comics ready to post, so it was a bit of a throw up between which I would post today..
but I thought this one was best (but what do I know?)

Simply Addictive

If you have never played the computer game The Sims you may have no idea what this is about…

Basically it is a game where you control your family, make them eat go to work, shower, pooh,
you end up getting so involved in the game it’s hard to remember that you need to do these things yourself
as you have been playing the game…

So you’re playing a game where your player is asking you to feed them and shower them and they really need some sleep and they only have a few hours before they need to get up to go to work..

Then you realise that you yourself are in the same position…

so it gets a little weird…

Basically when you can imagine your hygiene level going up as you shower it’s time to stop playing this game!


Oh, made a few web site changes, nothing major you should notice …yet…
but there are plans ;-)

so anyway, enjoy, until next week.

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