Not So Lucky Charms
July 5th, 2003

Not So Lucky Charms

Comics for July 5, 2003 - Not So Lucky Charms

Howdy there, another Saturday
I’m still feeling sleepy and unshaven.
Before I get into a ramble of what’s new with me or going on in my life, here’s the new comic

Not so lucky charms

The person in the comic is John Taylor
He usually looks like this
and I’m sure he wants to kills me right now :-)
I’m sure this comic needs some explanation…
well actually maybe not as I think it says it all in it

well anyway, so that’s that.

Lots of changes to the site due to happen, perhaps today.
I certainly have plenty of cast to update!
But I also have to do some stuff to prepare for Daniel and Natasha’s Wedding

More on that next week :-)

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