Bad Bite
July 12th, 2003

Bad Bite

Comics for July 12, 2003 - Bad Bite

Well, this is the earliest I’ve started posting a comic,
simply as I was home early tonight, so finished off one comic and thought I may as well start doing this

Well..this is Bad bite the latest comic.

This is Daniel and Natasha, my best friend and his soon to be wife.
As it happens I am due to fly out to Estonia on Wednesday to be best man at their wedding (eek!)

The wedding is next Saturday I won’t be in the country to update this, so I’ll either release next weeks comic early or a little late.
I’m back on Sunday I guess I will post then, only a day late.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the comic, this is based on a true story ;-)

Also available in Estonian ;-) thanks to Diana

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