Zero Dress Code
July 20th, 2003

Zero Dress Code

Comics for July 20, 2003 - Zero Dress Code

I am Rather tired

Just back from Estonia today, sooooo much to tell, really a MAD wedding :-)
details in due course (with photos hopeful)
but for now the new comic.

Zero dress code

I hope Mike doesn’t kill me ;-)
but to explain…

Well in fact…as my brother has already explained well and I’m far too tired to do it myself..
To quote:

“I bought the new zelda and Project zero this weekend… Zelda is great but i’d like to focus my attention on project zero (or fatal frame as the yanks call it) for this post, if ever you were in doubt of how truely scary this game is i will provide you with photographic evidense that it is terrifying this is michael, he is a happy smilie person, until he played project zero now he is a broken man”

Pic of Scared Mike

if you have an xbox you must buy this game”

So there you have it, fear on a stick :-)

Sorry Mike, but you had to be brought into the comic somehow :-D

Until next week folks

Take care!

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