Its Getting Hot In Here
July 26th, 2003

Its Getting Hot In Here

Comics for July 26, 2003 - Its Getting Hot In Here


Jo is back, with the latest comic It’s getting hot in here.

Another comic based on a true story, even when its been 30 ish degrees here I’ve still been wearing full coat hat etc.

Ok, so I haven’t actually turned into a zombie as pictured above, but I feel like it.
I’ve got a cold! coff coff (add sympathy now)

So yeah, not feeling great, which actually gave me an idea for a comic, but I am too ill to draw it.. Ironic?
I donno ask alanis.

Anyway, back from Estonia, Mike has provided the 100 odd photo’s he took
I will put some up on Blizz4rd, maybe later today, but no promises!

However I will link this picture of Daniel Vs Taska, used for some of the wedding games

For the record Taska beat Daniel 2 to 1, both teams loosing points for cheating in the ‘blind train’ game.
Anyway, that’s another story.

I was just having a look through the Infinite Monkeyz stats today and thought it was worth reporting a few things

Total hits since April when the site launched is 27955

More interesting things from July

All the colours of the matrix seems to have had the most requests with 347 hits for that comic.
In fact a few of my friends have said that comic is their favorite.
I donno if it’s funnier than others, so just coz it brings in the matrix?

Also that comic brings my first search string! :-)
Search string meaning some one has searched google or wherever on a sentence,

This time ‘matrix comic’ and has come to my site through this.

Perhaps I should do more movie / computer game related comics?

So That’s cool :-)

Many thanks to for Referrers
He has brought me a whopping 216 hits alone
But of course thanks to hgghghh and
All for linking to me, and of course anyone else who has!

Also it seems infinite monkeyz is reaching the world :-)

Not only uk and usa but infinite monkeyz now has hits from

Estonia, Italy, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Canada, France, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

So welcome, tere, bonjour, good ‘ay and hi in lots of other languages I don’t know :-)

Come on China! I swear when I go out there I’ll find an Internet cafe and come here ;-)
Hmmm ok so that is cheating perhaps

Ok ok goodbye, go on leave me alone you scavengers
I have ill to be being!

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