Physical Violence Pushers
August 2nd, 2003

Physical Violence Pushers

Comics for August 2, 2003 - Physical Violence Pushers

Morning again

Ok so I still feel pants, hence the zombie pic again!
Today’s comic is actually really a tribute to pvp, in particular the panda attack series.

Physical violence pushers

I was going to go into a deep conversation about humor being related to peoples misfortune…
But as I’m going out in about half an hour I won’t :-)
Besides I can’t right now remember my point!

Anyway, enjoy, hopefully get to update the cast page later!

Also got a few comics drawn up in advance, and I am excited about them ;-)
Should be good..

Until next week
Update: 03/08/03 - 00.09

added some people to the cast page, finally ;-)

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