How Rude
August 28th, 2007

How Rude

Comics for August 28, 2007 - How Rude

here you go, another late comic, and yes I’m sorry again.
anyway, another resident evil 4 comic, only one more to go, well at least until I think of some resident evil 0 or 1 comics ;-p

In resident evil 4 you have ‘interactive cut scenes’. meaning occasionally someone may do something that you need to react and dodge or its game over. they come suddenly and seem rather, well, rude.

Managed to complete Resident evil 1 remake the other day, so might get on to resident evil 2 soon, ahhh the memories of that game…
but had a long weekend just coming back from Reading after seeing Nine inch nails, Kate Nash and Smashing Pumpkins (among others).
Oh and also saw Tool on the Tuesday, supported by the rather excellent instrumental Russian circles, worth checking out.

Anyway, until next week, or who knows maybe sooner (maybe later)

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