Dead Pan
Saturday — July 16th, 2011

Dead Pan

Comics for July 16, 2011 - Dead Pan

Well, I found this ‘comic’ on my computer after creating it using Brushes.

As far as I can remember I hadn’t uploaded it to the site, so I thought I would!

So, by this rate you’ll get a new comic every few years ;)


Trying a post from my iPhone

This’d be pretty cool if it works….


While emailing myself my regular comic and gaming site bookmarks I thought I would share them with you, should you care


of course

If you can read this you’re too close.

You may have noticed a slight change to the site, if you haven’t you really need your eyes checking.

So, basically there was a problem with the old sites cms that meant we lost a few comics, and when Phil reinstalled the cms the extra things that needed doing to make it work as intended were a pain.

Then he came by comicpress, and hey presto some php hosting and wordpress install and here we are.

The only trouble is I need to reupload the entire 5 years of comics and blogs needs to be recreated. I’ve started but it will be a while before things are fully working.

You can view the old site and comics here in the mean time:

More updates soon, and perhaps even a new comic or two!